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  • Is it morally right to bully my family’s robot?
  • When I kick him, he shows me sadness yet I know he doesn’t feel any sadness, what should i do?
  • Is there any country recognizing human / robot marriage?
  • Do I need to get a passport for my robot if I want to travel with it abroad?
  • Can my house robot travel with me on the plane or is it a baggage?
  • Will it have to switch language when we get there?
  • Dos my robot have to fly physically or just move it’s data to another robot at destination?
  • What if my robot gets lost?
  • What about my roomba is he smart enough to be considered a robot?
  • Why are only humanoid robots the one that have issues with ?
  • Should robots be allowed to join a union? (by Klingebeil)
  • Is a union allowed to include non-sentient robots as members? (by Klingebeil)
  • Are robots allowed to strike? (by Klingebeil)