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  • What is the percentange of smart things for a home to be considered Smart?
  • Is a dumb home full of smart things a smart home?
  • Do Smart homes makes my life easier?
  • If I get bored of the smartness of my smart home, can I actually switch it off?
  • Can I turn off smartness the same way I do with electricity?
  • Where is the switchboard of a Smart Home?
  • If my home gets too smart will it flip a safe switch?
  • How can I make my home forget about something?
  • Can I make my home forget about me? or someone that died?
  • Can I decide if my house should learn or teach me things?
  • If a crime happens in my smart home, would my home vouch for me if police start questioning it?
  • Would a smart home stop me from making dumb things?
  • Is a big home smarter than a small home? (by MickJongeling)
  • When I buy a used smart home, do I have to retrain it? (by larsst)
  • Is there an AirBNB for SmartHomes only? (by ideospire)
  • I’m moving to this new neighbourhood and they are actively non-Smart about their homes - how can I try and change their minds? I can’t operate without a smart Cam at my door. (by ideospire)