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Welcome to Future Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine yourself in the future, your real future self in the real future, not that imaginary perfect place, but the mundane normal future. What will be you real future issues, with your real future thing? What will go wrong? What will be unclear to you? What would you like an answer to?

This is an open an growing list of future frequently asked questions, questions that are not asked yet, but that they might become very frequent in the future. It’s a list that has no answers yet and a list that we want to grow openly so we can start anticipating future issues that might emerge in the present of the future and that future designers and companies might have to answer.

Read and contribute to ffffffffaq on:

This is a project by inspired by the amazing text from Rich Gold’s How smart does your bed have to be before you are afraid to go to sleep at night?.


You can contribute by adding your own questions and doubts about future things on the ffffffffaq Issues page. You can add questions, use them for a new project or also anwer them if you want, we will put them in little by little by hand, as of course we don’t trust automated systems to do that.

Here is how to do it:

  • Create an new issue
  • Put as a title an existing category of issues (i.e. #home, #cars) or add your own
  • Write your question/s in the comment
  • Enjoy the bitter sweet pleasure of questioning the future


If you wanna know more or actually want to know less contact us.